Roadtripping: Saskatoon to Calgary


We took a trip to Calgary via Drumheller this past week, as Summer and I had our US visa appointment at the Embassy downtown, and wow… what a city! 🙂 I am now a big fan of Calgary.

For those of you wondering if there was any vomit or hectic kiddie situations during the driving part of our road trip – nope 🙂 We totally won at parenting and the trip went super smoothly ;). I kind of think we deserve one ‘easy’ trip after our vomit volcano situation last flight!


It was quite an experience seeing the Canadian landscapes and small towns on the route – the best part of road trips of course! Calgary is around six hours from Saskatoon, but we made a stop for one night in Drumheller, to break the trip a bit, and to see The World’s Largest Dinosaur. This small town is strange but worth a visit – dinosaurs everywhere – I wonder what it’s like actually living in this town full-time. Here are some pics showing our adventures in Drumheller:


*Seeing The World’s Largest Dinosaur from the top 

*There are dinosaurs scattered throughout the town

*Suspension bridge in the Bad lands 

*Viewing The Hoodoos 

We made it to Calgary and headed straight to Ikea. Okay guys, unless you’ve been there, don’t judge. It’s pretty epic! After our awesome shopping trip at Ikea, we went to the top of the Calgary Tower which has an incredible view of the city and beyond. I’m usually quite an adventure junkie, and I love bungee jumping and sky diving, BUT I am truly terrified of heights. There was a section where you stand or sit on the glass and take selfies, and oh my word, my hands just get sweaty thinking about it! I managed to pose for a few quick shots (with a panic look and holding on for dear life), but it took everything in me to do that. A really great experience and worth it if you plan on visiting this city.

*On top of the Calgary Tower 

We then checked into our hotel and left for Prince’s Island Park soon after. Wow. If you are ever in Calgary and want to go somewhere first to experience the city, this is the place to go. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and has an amazing vibe. We took a long walk along the river where there were cyclists, people walking and running, and tubing along the river – all making the most of the gorgeous summer weather (while it lasts).

*Prince’s Island Park is WOW! 

On Wednesday morning we had our US embassy appointment so that Sum and I could get our visas approved (they were approved and arrived in Saskatoon on Friday already – wow). After that we had a zoo day planned with our SA friends who live in Calgary – the awesome Saunders five! They hosted us so well and Summer loved the zoo and made new friends.

*Calgary Zoo

When we got back to the hotel I took the kids swimming so Adrian could do some work, and we had a nice night in. At about 9:30pm, both kids were obviously sleeping and Adrian and I were awake watching Netflix… when the fire alarm went off. And it was LOUD! I freaked out a bit. Adrian was the calm to my storm as usual. We both changed out of our pjs into regular clothes, grabbed the kids, important documents and our phones, and rushed out the door where the emergency exit lights were flashing. Down the stairs and outside. Drama! Fire trucks arrived and after some time they declared everything was fine, but wow it was quite something!

*Summer kept saying ‘Daddy saved me, he’s super daddy’. She was so brave and Hudson pretty much slept through the whole thing. 

We Road tripped home on Thursday and our kiddos were angels (except for one or two sassy Summer moments). Hopefully it wasn’t a fluke because we have plenty road trips coming up 😉 🙂

Chat soon.


The Bergs

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  1. Briony Bosse says:

    Enjoy receiving the stories of your adventures. Love Briony


    1. I’m so glad, Briony. Much love xx


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