Introducing… Follow the Bergs!


Hi friends! I’ve been blown away by how many of you have shared that you’ve enjoyed following along on our adventure so far, and that you’ve actually been reading our blog entries. Wow! I initially started this blog as a way to remember our family’s story, as life happens and we get so busy we forget the small details. I’d love to be able to tell our kiddos about this exciting time of our life. And capture our special memories together in this rollercoaster adventure. My memory has gotten so much worse since I’ve become a parent, and since I turned thirty this year #old! Our family also doesn’t sit still for too long, so there will always be something on the go, and these young years with our littles are so precious and fleeting. And let’s be honest, this is also just a great way to let people know what’s going on all at once, rather than individual update messages.

What I’ve enjoyed so much, is having so many people reaching out to us about immigration — it’s been amazing to reconnect with some people we haven’t spoken to in a while too. So, feel free to send us an email or message us anytime, we’d love to help you along the way, or just share and chat about our personal experiences. If travel, immigration and parenting are topics you’re interested in, you’ll enjoy what’s to come. So it’s time we launch an actual blog. Introducing… Follow the Bergs! 🙂

You can also connect with us by following along on our day to day happenings on Insta: @followthebergs.

There’s some exciting things happening and we can’t wait to update you along the way. Remember to subscribe (scroll to the bottom of the home page of our blog and follow or subscribe) – and you will receive an email notification when a new blog post has been published. You can also get in touch with us by sending us a message or commenting on a post, or by emailing us at

We’re really looking forward to journeying with you. Much love.


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