Family Update: Is it Spring yet?!

Well hello there strangers! 🙂 Yes, I know it’s been forever since you’ve heard from us – the last while has been full of admin and general making home and life in our new city. It’s exciting and daunting adjusting to our new normal. I’ve personally had lots of highs and some low lows lately – this moving your life across the seas thing ain’t easy guys! Here’s a bit of what’s been happening with us…


1. We are nearly a family of FOUR!


We are now approaching week 37 of our pregnancy and are as prepared as we can be to meet our little man. Life is about to change big time for our little family, and we can’t wait to meet our little Canadian baba.


It’s been a bit chaotic as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a few weeks back. They are really thorough with their diabetes tests here (thank goodness) and picked up my levels being slightly high in the fasting glucose test I had to do. Gestational diabetes is a glucose intolerance with first recognition during pregnancy. Most women don’t contract type one or type two diabetes after pregnancy and the intolerance completely disappears after the birth, so that’s good news! I will just need to do a diabetes test six weeks after the birth to make sure all is good and cleared up.


There are a few possible causes, but the only one that relates to me is a family history of diabetes (my gran was seriously diabetic). I’ve had to see a dietitian and change my diet for the rest of the pregnancy (it’s super hard not to eat many carbs and sugar when you are a raging, craving and psycho near-whale of a pregnant woman, but it can be done)!

A few replacement foods (certain breads and pastas to whole grain) have been enough to keep my blood sugar levels to a great and safe range. I take my blood sugar levels at home four times per day and they have all (except just two) been way within the normal target range, so we’re looking good again. At our last scan we found out that our baba is already 3kg! Babies born from gestational diabetes Mom’s are often large babies, so we are hoping we can keep the growth to a healthy minimum now that we know about the condition. If diet modification hadn’t worked, I would have had to inject insulin daily – super glad that’s not the case!


There are lots of positives though – the baby room is ready and the hospital bag is packed, and my awesome Mother-in-love arrives TOMORROW for six weeks!!! To say we are excited to see Nana Frankie is an absolute understatement.


2. Watch out Canada, we are licensed!


Adrian and I passed our drivers license tests and are now officially licensed drivers in our province! 🙂 They allow you 90 days of driving on your international drivers license before that expires and you need to have done your test and passed in order to keep driving legally here. You’re probably thinking, well yes you’ve been driving for more than a decade, why wouldn’t you pass your license on your first attempt?! Well, apparently many experienced drivers fail their drivers here on their first attempt so we are definitely lucky (or maybe we just managed to keep it together for the twenty minutes)! I felt like a teenager again but it was pretty fun. Both Adrian and I lost the maximum number of points that we were allowed to lose before failing (haha), so watch out on the roads Canada, we just scraped through. Part of me wants to do it again and completely nail it – I’m a nerd clearly! Just another bit of immigration admin done – tick! 🙂


3. Weather update: Is it Spring yet?!


Okay okay. Weather, we need to talk. I have no idea if you think this is funny or what, but enough now 😉 Spring has still not arrived, but according to all three of my weather apps, spring temperatures are coming for us and it will be WARM (our new kind of warm which is like a maximum of ten degrees) very soon. Gosh, it’s been a long stretch and apparently this isn’t normal at all – Spring has usually arrived by now and the snow and ice would have all melted to produce beautiful lush green grass, and the rivers would be flowing again. Yikes. I’ve totally battled the last month with these temperatures and I can’t wait for the new season and some warmth. Our garden was sporting lush green grass as the snow had just all melted, until we had quite a substantial amount of snow fall today – eek! Adrian is Mr Positive on the weather front (me not so much), and we all went outside and built a pretty rad snowman. Let’s hope it’s the last of Winter in Spring.


Our little Summy has seriously battled with the weather up until now, and now thinks it’s totally normal and fun to not wear a jacket outside on some occasions. Recently, she said to Adrian: “Don’t worry Daddy, I like Winter”, so apparently she’s enjoying herself!


4. Finally Homesick?


This is getting seriously real now guys. Oy! We have had a relatively easy transition this side and are surrounded by wonderful people (you know who you are and we are so thankful for you!), but that doesn’t mean we won’t have some low days. We survived our first major family holiday – Easter. It was such a happy weekend with our little Sum Sum and church family, and amazing friends including us in their celebrations over the weekend, but it will always be hard not having certain people around.


I definitely think the pregnancy has also made it harder and made me more emotional (and hormonal haha). There are many days I’d like to be sitting on the couch with my Sis and just chatting, or going on a play date with my Ames. It’s in no way easy to be so far away, but we know how blessed we are, and we are fully aware of God’s call on our lives and where He needs us for this season. There really is so much to look forward to, not just having our little boy join our family, but also enjoying the warmer seasons and seeing our city in a completely different light, and really learning about and understanding the culture and people in our new country. We are also planning a trip back to South Africa via Norway in July (if we can get little man’s passport arranged in time), so this is a huge motivation and something really exciting to keep us going! 🙂 We also have a few people set to visit us this and next year which we’re really excited about.

I know that a lot of emotions are going to really kick in when our little Canadian boy arrives, especially with not having our tribe of people surrounding us during this special time, but this is part of the sacrifice. Big big girl panties on!


5. Summer is registered for preschool


It’s been a busy time with Sum being home with me 24/7 but it’s been one of the most memorable and happy times I’ve experienced as a Mom. Schooling is super different here, which definitely came as a big shock to us, but Sum will be starting preschool two days per week for two hours (yes, that’s normal here!) in September. I am so excited to have her socialize more with other kids her age and be a bit more independent with some time away from me.


6. We got stuck!


We went adventuring one Friday afternoon to a nearby National Park, and Adrian drove slightly off road (like literally 3cms) and our car went straight into a deep snow ditch. Woops. The road really wasn’t deep with snow at all but this was definitely a deep ditch that the Jeep couldn’t escape. We tried everything we could to get out, but we ended up having to call a tow truck driver to help us! It was definitely an adventure, but it was slightly scary as we were on a road where not many people drive through often (not one car passed us while we were there for an hour and a half). Pregnant with a toddler in the car after 5pm and stranded…oy! What can I say, our family has fun 😉


Chat soon. Much love,

The Berghorst’s 🙂 xxx


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Briony Bosse says:

    So wonderful to hear all your news.. A great adventure but I to can comprehend the home sickness this as you know is mainly because our most dearest are not with us. When we first got married we moved to Brits just outside Johannesburg and that for me was a massive adjustment. But one cannot compare it to the distance between you and SA. You are experiencing so many exciting firsts. Memories you will treasure forever. Thinking of you as you prepare to bring a new life into the world. Much love Briony


  2. I can only imagine Adrain thinking that being stuck in the snow was humorous for a period. At least the great thing about having car trouble or any trouble in Canada – is that you know you physically safe and there is no threat of being randomly robbed while waiting for help! On the part of being stuck in sub zero conditions though, I think I would start stressing!

    Tell Adrian to go onto eBay and buy himself a set of “snow socks” for the car, they these really cool wheel covers that you put on in the snow to get yourself out of situations like that – saved my ass a few times being smart in snow in Chicago and they like $80 a set.


    1. Haha, Adrian seemed to love getting stuck in the snow… I fear it won’t be the only time 😉 The snow socks sound interesting – thanks -we will definitely be more prepared this coming winter. Hope you are well!


  3. Nicki says:

    What a wonderful update Mands. Wow can’t believe that it’s so soon now that your family will become a family of 4! I totally get the low days and especially the firsts! This past Christmas and Easter was my first abroad and even though you would think being in Israel (the Holy Land and all that) it would be extra special but it wasn’t. Here in Israel it’s just a normal working day and I really battled with that! I’ve had to try and look for a Christian community that at least shares the same holidays and beliefs but living remote in the South makes it harder. On a positive note, Hillsong has just launched a church here and I attended the Easter service and I can’t begin to explain how good it was for the soul! Even though it’s a 2 hour drive- it’s totally worth it!
    Gosh I really hope your spring does arrive and soon! Ours has – as I’m writing this it’s 30+ degrees (in spring!)
    I love reading these updates so keep them coming and thinking of you guys so much especially in the next few weeks! Lots of love xxx Nix


    1. Thanks so much, Nicks! As you know, it’s not an easy thing moving so far from what you know. I hope you are doing well – lots of love xxx


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