Saying Goodbye!

Change is great, but change is often quite tough and impacts your physical and emotional state of being. My personality wants to embrace change, and for the most part I love new experiences and living out adventure, but I also fear too much change. Being pregnant and being a Mum to a toddler, and moving continents and starting over is quite a lot to digest! I am sure there will be many many low moments to come, but for now we are relishing in the excitement and fun that this new life holds. We have had an easy transition so far but we are well aware that the ‘honeymoon period’ and fantasy winter wonderland won’t necessarily last forever.


Our family is real (sometimes a tad bit too real and honest), and we know how to ask for help and be genuine about how we are feeling. I intend to be very raw in my blogging so stay tuned for the downer day posts to come 😉 But for now, I wanted to pause and reflect back on the hard goodbyes we shared with our special people back in South Africa, just before we left for Canada.  The great people in your life are always what you treasure most – it’s really easy to give away your life’s possessions (or leave them behind in storage), but it’s not as easy leaving your loved ones behind.


We were privileged enough to spend a fair amount of time in Durban with family and friends just after Christmas and over New Years, and this meant many goodbyes… Unfortunately, pictures weren’t captured of all our specials and for this I apologize and am sad to say I can’t share some of those memories here (special mention to Mike & Stace, Matt & Bron, and little Willow and Hudson; and Mike & Briony, and some others too!). However, the time we spent with our specials was so good for the soul and we are thankful for all the people who made such an effort to see us and say goodbye.


We also had some great family and friend time in Johannesburg before flying out, and some of those memories will also be included below 🙂


Here is a summary collection of images and memories of our people, our tribe, back “home” who we love and miss (you always have an open invitation to visit us at any time – we love you).




Sumandrian (Summer, Mandi & Adrian)




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